Royal College of Physicians Promote E Cigs

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Doctors Conclude Electronic Cigarettes Pose Substantially Less Harm to Smokers Than Tobacco

The UK's Royal College of Physicians says there is resounding evidence that e-cigarettes are "much safer" than smoking and aid quitting. They state "the public can be reassured that e-cigarettes are much safer"- despite an 'increasingly common misconception' they are just as dangerous as smoking.

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) has said such devices have the potential to make a "major contribution" to preventing premature death and disease among smokers.

In addition, no evidence was found to suggest e-cigarettes are a "gateway to smoking" or normalise the habit - but experts agree they are beneficial for encouraging smokers to quit.

From The BBC

Best way to quit

Sales of e-cigarettes have been rising steadily since the first went on sale in 2007 in the UK.

Since 2012, they have replaced nicotine patches and gum to become the most popular choice of smoking cessation aid in England.

Around one in 20 adults in England uses e-cigarettes, and nearly all of these are ex-smokers or current smokers who are trying to cut down or quit.

E-cigarettes have remained controversial and this year ministers in Wales attempted to ban them from public places.

The Royal College of Physicians says smokers who use e-cigarettes or prescribed medications - with support from their doctor - are more likely to quit permanently.

E-cigarettes should be offered to smokers, say doctors…

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