New Ice E Liquid

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The Vape Shop is pleased to announce the launch of its new Ice E Liquid! Ice flavoured e liquid creates a very cold, crisp sensation; it enhances any flavor it is mixed with and produces a great vape with a great vape hit. Some people think that ice flavours have mint or menthol added and this is not the case. Apart from the mint ice range all other ice flavours have NO mint/menthol taste just a seriously cool and exhilarating cold sensation that enhances the vape experience.

The Tropical Ice flavor is one of my personal favorites followed very closely by the iced coffee, both these (and the others) really promote the main ingredient while adding the cool sensation. Since I have been smoking them I have not looked back. Even the Ice Tobacco e liquid, in my opinion, produces a better tobacco vape than the standard tobacco flavours. Obviously each individual has their own flavor favorites according to their own taste buds.

if you have not tried an Ice Flavour yet then I would definitely recommend picking one and trying it out as I’m sure you will not be disappointed. As with all our other UK produced e liquid flavours our new Ice range is produced in the UK by The Vape Shop using the very best ingredients.

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