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The nice thing about vaping, rather than smoking traditional cigarettes is that you can try different e-liquids with lots of delicious flavours. Whether you enjoy sweet, sour, mild or strong tastes, you’ll always find an e-liquid to enjoy from the Vape Shop.

Even if you prefer to stick to tobacco flavours, there’s a wide range of tobacco e-liquids, some are light and sweet and others are dark and strong, with the authentic taste of real tobacco.

Many of our customers love to experiment with different tastes and flavours and our range of minty e-liquids are becoming more and more popular. Have a look what we’ve got and give one or two a try, you never know, you just might find your perfect minty e-liquid.

Artic Menthol

The clue is in the name. This e-liquid produces a fresh menthol taste that’s cool, clean and strong. A super cold throat hit that’s crisp, but mellow too. This e-liquid is available in 10ml or 30ml bottles and it’s very popular with our customers.

Blackcurrant Menthol

If you want the clean, fresh taste of menthol, with the sharpness of blackcurrant and a hint of sweetness, you’ll love our blackcurrant menthol e-liquid. It’s a refreshing, rich flavour you can enjoy at any time.


Old fashioned buttermint sweets have a mellow, sweet taste that comes from the cream, butter and peppermint used to produce these popular boiled sweets. Here at the Vape Shop , we’ve created an e-liquid with the same mellow sweetness for a creamy, satisfying all day vape.

Cherry Menthol

Cherry Menthol e-liquid is perfect if you want a clean throat hit, with a sweet cherry flavour. This e-liquid is a great combination of mellow cherry with fiery menthol. It’s ideal for vapers with a sweet tooth, an all-day vape with a delicious taste.

Crème de Mint

This is a luxurious e-liquid combination of smooth, chocolate and mellow mint, to give you a satisfying, clean flavour with a delicious chocolate mint taste. Use it on its own or mix it with another of your favourite e-liquids to create a sublime, rich vaping experience.

Mint Candy

Deliciously sweet with a gorgeous peppermint taste, mint candies are still a popular traditional boiled sweet. This e-liquid recreates the sweetness and flavour of mint candies to give you a fresh, peppermint taste that you’ll love to vape.




Less sweet than spearmint, our peppermint flavoured e-liquid has a strong, bold flavour, but stays cool and fresh for an authentic peppermint taste. Peppermint also combines really well with chocolate, caramel and toffee, which you can also buy as an e-liquid from the Vape Shop. Alone, or mixed with another e-liquid, this is a perfect after-dinner vape.


Whether it’s chewing gum, boiled sweets or even toothpaste, the taste and aroma of spearmint is very popular. The Vape Shop’s spearmint e-liquid will give you a fresh, minty vape with just a hint of sweetness and plenty of vapour. Our customers love it.

Wow Menthol

As the name suggests, this menthol e-liquid has the wow factor. It’s clean, fresh and tasty for a cold, intense vaping experience. Mix it with something fruity, or use it on its own for a satisfying all day vape.


You can buy our e-liquids or any other of our vaping products online, or from one of our three shops in Bournemouth, Boscombe and Christchurch. All our e-liquids are available in 10ml or 30ml bottles and you can also buy multi packs from us, if you want to combine different flavours to try. The multi-packs are sold in 4 or 5 bottle packs.

If you need information, or have any questions about our mint flavoured e liquids, don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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