Improper Battery Charging Can Cause Fire Hazards

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In the media this week we saw a house badly damaged by a fire caused by careless charging of an electronic cigarette battery. In this specific instance the e cigarette user had lost his supplied USB charger and decided to use a non-e cigarette USB charger and then plugged the non e cigarette USB charger into a laptop computer which is strictly a NO-NO. To make matter worse the user then placed the improperly charging battery right next to an Air Horn which is combustible near heat. Needless to say the battery overheated blowing up the Air Horn and causing a fire which turned into a media frenzy about e cigarette batteries in general.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety Charge Bag
At The Vape Shop we have been aware of the potential hazards of using lithium Ion batteries for quite a while now and The Vape Shop is one of the only UK shops to design, manufacture and produce for sale the Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety Charging Bag. This safety charge bag has been designed and developed specifically for our e cig batteries using high intensity fireproof stitching and main-material used in the make of firefighter jackets such as Nomex which is heat resistant.

When the safety bag is used in conjunction with proper e cigarette battery charging procedures it can help reduce any damage caused by a faulty or overheating battery. When any lithium ion battery is overheated, through improper charging or a faulty circuit breaker in the battery; and then connected to a too-high power source, the user runs the risk of battery overheating, battery fire and possibly a battery explosion. This type of problem is not isolated to electronic cigarette batteries as laptops, mobile phones and power tool batteries have the same risk potential. Through simple searching of battery explosion on Google one can see that the issue arises with all high powered batteries..for  few examples; mobile phone battery explodes, laptop battery explodes...

Follow The e Cig Battery Charging Safety Guidelines
Despite the potential risks associated with Lithium Ion batteries they do offer incredible power for a small size and this is the main reason these type of batteries are in the market. Using proper safety charging procedures can make a lithium ion battery relatively safe for everyone, the problem comes when users do not follow safety charging guidelines and so put their property and in some case themselves at risk. The Vape Shop has produced a Terms and Conditions of Sale for every battery that is sold whether as part of an e cigarette kit or as a single item. These T&C's contain a section devoted to battery safety charging procedures and contain a clear outline of potential risks if the battery is improperly charged. On top of this each member of staff at all The Vape Shop outlets always explain, in detail, the risks these batteries can potentially cause as well as the safety charge procedures battery owners must take to ensure safe charging, these consist of:

1. Never leave a battery charging unattended
2. Never leave a battery charging overnight
3. Always check you battery whilst charging for signs of overheating
4. Always place on a fireproof surface such as metal, marble or stainless steel when charging
5. Never place your battery in a pocket or purse next to coins, keys or a mobile phone as this can affect the circuit breaker in the battery
6. Only use the USB and Plug supplied by The Vape Shop for charging the battery
7. NEVER use a non-supplied USB, Car Charger or Plug (including iPhone plus or other USB plugs) not supplied by The Vape Shop
8. If any signs of overheating occur place in a fireproof container outside safe from people and property and contact The Vape Shop.

The Vape Shop regularly performs safety tests on all of its products as well as buying only from reputable mainstream suppliers, as extra safeguard The Vape Shop has invested in additional safety equipment such as the Electronic Battery Safety Charging Bag to add further protection to battery users. When charging a battery The Vape Shop STRONGLY recommends that all users make themselves fully aware of the risks and safety procedures before charging their batteries.


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