iJoy Captain PD270 Mod Review

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This recent release from the iJoy brand is pushing the envelope once again, running on two 20700 batteries that are brand new to the vaping world. Users of this device will enjoy superb ramp time, impressive power and super responsiveness as well as longer battery life, ensuring that the iJoy Captain is a winner all round, especially among heavy high wattage vapers.


Design Quality

Made with a high quality carbon fibre and zinc alloy frame, the iJoy Captain PD270 is sturdy, strong and solid, especially when paired with the weight of its impressive 20700 dual batteries. However, anyone who’s looking for a lightweight device will be disappointed – it may be robust and durable but it’s pretty heavy. Nevertheless, this heaviness isn’t a price that is too high to pay since it feels weighty and durable in the hand.


The simple design is appeal, with rounded corners and a solid and deep 510 connection which can easily fit a large sub ohm tank with no overhang. The thick battery door has strong hinges and the device feels compact and ergonomic, fitting nicely into the hand. The centrally placed large fire button feels good and responsive while the screen is clear and displays all the key data in a highly visible way.



The IWEPAL chipset integrated into this device is very responsive, working to regulate and control the temperature, voltage and wattage perfectly. It instantly and accurately reads and adjusts to a new atomiser and yet this is still a surprisingly simple device to use with three clicks taking you right into the menu where you can adjust the settings to suit your needs with the up/down buttons.


Ramp time is impressively fast and you can enjoy an outstanding vaping experience right across the wattage range. Capable of firing down to a resistance of 0.05 ohm and outputting up to 234 watts, you can expect consistent power delivery as well as power boost settings which allow you to fine tune your vape.


When it comes to using TC coils, you’ll have no trouble since stainless steel, Titanium and Ni200 coils are all supported. You can also use NiFe wire in the temperature control mode by using the custom TCR input setting.


Battery Life

You’ll notice a huge difference when using the 20700 batteries when compared to the old style 18650s. Even if you’re a high wattage, heavy vaper you’ll not need to recharge so frequently since they can last for over a day before requiring a charge up. This is perfect for vaping on the go, since you won’t have to be thinking constantly about whether you’re going to need to get out the charger. On board charging is pretty fast too, so you won’t have a lot of downtime.



Overall, there is a lot to like about the iJoy Captain PD270, especially if you’re a heavy vaper who is sick of having to charge their batteries every few hours. The 20700 dual batteries make a huge difference to your vape time and will give you all day vaping with no hassle. You can also benefit from the good looks and high power of this device, and if you’re looking for more ways to customise your vape, you have the opportunity here in spades since the TC mode is highly adaptable. Thanks to its sturdy build and high quality design, you can expect this mod to stand the test of time, and you’re sure to enjoy using it thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive controls and the huge fire button that just begs to be pressed!



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