Help Choosing The Right E Cig

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Using an e-cigarette, or vaping as it is called, is a growing hobby and as with all hobbies there are experienced hobbyist and newbie users.  If you are a vaping newbie the importance of finding the right e-cigarette for your needs should not be overlooked – not all e-cigarettes are made the same and not all e-cigarettes offer the same experience.  Whatever your reasons are for taking up the hobby, getting your first e-cigarette wrong could be the difference between a satisfying and enjoyable experience and a huge disappointment and waste of money.  Trial and error here could get the pennies adding up so doing a bit of research first means you won’t end up buying 10 different devices just to find the one that works for you.

Research Will Pay Dividends…
Buying your first e-cigarette might seem like quite an easy and straightforward process, but the range is vast and it is vast for a reason.  There are a lot of things that you should try and take into consideration before you choose the one that is right for your needs and usage.  As with everything it is always advisable to talk with someone who has the knowledge to help you.  The Vape Shop is a friendly, reputable store with experience, knowledge and customer service standards that are second to none, we will happily talk you through your options.  At the Vape Shop we are not only fully trained but also experienced vapers who have been where you are now and know how you are feeling.  We are here to help guide you to your perfect first vape experience.

Professional Help…
We will discuss with you how much you smoke and how often to ensure that you get the right battery sizes and amounts for your needs as well as the right amount of e-liquid to see you through until your next shop. The amount you use will also effect the size of clearomiser that will suit you. We will find out where you prefer to smoke – out and about or at home - to ensure you get the right sized product and the accessories you might need.  How much you were looking to spend on getting started – there are several options and various different products in different starter kits and whether you will need any accessories such as in car chargers or carry cases.  Getting your starter kit exactly personalised to what you need is a simple as a conversation with our staff either online or instore.

The Vape Shop has a variety of different devices, many with their own unique qualities from simple disposable e-cigarettes to high-tech mechanical MODs and we can help talk you through the different components and what they are used for so you can plan your vaping experiences not only for now but also going forward as you become more experienced and want to try out new things.

Visit The Vape Shop online today or pop into one of our stores for a chat and we will happily help you get exactly what you need.


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