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Guernsey Enacts Ban on Disposable Vapes

Addressing Environmental and Health Concerns with New Legislation

Guernsey has made a decisive move to outlaw disposable vapes. The newly approved legislation, backed by 34 votes with only 2 abstentions, will criminalise the importation, sale, and distribution of disposable vapes. This initiative underscores growing apprehensions regarding these devices’ environmental and health impacts.

The Rationale Behind the Disposable Vapes Ban

Environmental Concerns

A significant driver for the ban is the environmental toll of disposable vapes. These products are notoriously difficult and expensive to recycle due to their mixed material composition of plastic, metal, and electronic parts. This complexity exacerbates electronic waste problems, contributing to pollution and landfill challenges. Lindsay de Sausmarez, President of the Environment and Infrastructure Committee, pointed out these recycling difficulties as a key reason for the ban.

Health Implications

Health officials have expressed serious concerns about the addictive properties of nicotine, particularly for younger users. Disposable vapes often contain high nicotine levels, making them highly addictive. Al Brouard, President of the Health and Social Care Committee, stressed the importance of preventing young people from accessing these products to avoid the early onset of nicotine addiction. The new laws include measures to criminalise the sale of vapes to individuals under 18.

Regulatory Actions

The legislation will also implement a licensing system for vape retailers, akin to the current regulations for tobacco sales. This ensures stricter control over the distribution of vaping products. Furthermore, it will be illegal to smoke in vehicles carrying children, enhancing protections against secondhand smoke exposure and nicotine addiction.

The Vape Shop’s Early Initiative

The Vape Shop ( took a pioneering step by halting the sale of disposable vapes one year ago. As one of the first UK vape retailers to implement such a ban, the shop cited environmental damage, high nicotine content, and the appeal of these products to young people as primary concerns. This action aligns with the broader push for responsible and sustainable vaping practices.

Next Steps

The newly passed laws in Guernsey are part of a comprehensive strategy to mitigate the harmful effects of disposable vapes. Detailed legislation will be drafted and presented to the deputies for final approval. This move sets a precedent that may inspire similar regulations in other areas, highlighting the dual importance of environmental stewardship and public health.

Guernsey’s proactive measures represent a significant step towards reducing the adverse impacts of disposable vapes, promoting a healthier and more sustainable future.

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