Fruit E Liquids

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Summer fruits are delicious and sweet on sunny days. Now you can even enjoy the taste on a wet wintry day, to remind you of the garden or days on the beach. Try Apricot e-liquid, it’s a strong flavoured, bitter sweet taste, you’ll love. If you prefer berries, then Bilberry e-liquid isn’t too sweet, it has a tart, jammy taste that’s refreshing. Another popular e-liquid is Raspberry, for a clean, sweet taste, or try Blackberry and Elderflower, which is a great combination of summer fruits. If you want to try something different then  Dragon Fruit e-liquid should satisfy your taste buds and your curiosity. The fruit is a tropical fruit from Mexico with a mild, but sweet, fruity flavour. If you are looking for a vape that’s crisp and fruity then Grape e-liquid will suit you, or if you like a bit of zing Lime Tahiti is a popular choice with our customers. Honeydew Melon will give you a sweet, but light, mellow taste and Melon Starburst is sweet and flavoursome. Watermelon e-liquid is strong and aromatic and Strawberry really does bring in the taste of summer.

Winter Fruits Flavoured E-Liquid

Winter fruits are comforting and deliciously sweet on cold winter days. Our e-liquids will give you the authentic tastes of winter fruits. Apple  is aromatic and crisp, Passion Fruit will be enjoyed by vapers who like a strong, sweet and sour flavour. Banana will give you a smooth vape, while Cranberry is refreshing and tasty. If you like something to pack a punch, then try Lemon e-liquid which has a zingy, fresh, clean taste. Mandarin flavour will remind you of Christmas with its lovely sweet flavour and Orange is refreshingly sweet and flavoursome. Melon will remind you of warm days outdoors with its juicy full flavour.

Spring Fruits Flavoured E-Liquid

Spring fruits are sweet and light and spring fruits e-liquid will give you a satisfying taste experience. Try Black Cherry for a rich, smooth flavour, or Cherry for a fine flavour and a pleasant smell. If you’re looking for something tangy, sweet and spicy then you’ll get this taste from Elderberry e-liquid. Those of you who want a more refreshing, light flavour should try Pineapple.

Mixed Fruit Flavoured E-Liquid

These e-liquids have delicious combinations of fruit for a more rounded flavour.  Apple, Cranberry and Pear Medley combines the crisp fresh taste of apples and pears with the sweet and sour taste of the cranberries. Forest Fruits will give you a sweet and flavoursome vape, while Fruit Circus is tangy, refreshing and clean. If you want a mixture of berries, then try our American Berry e-liquid for a full, sweet flavour.

Creamy and Sweet Fruit Flavoured E-Liquid

If you want a sweet, creamy taste with your vape, then try these flavours from the Vape Shop, they are perfect for sweet toothed, fruit lovers. No Drama is a delicious mix of virgin milk, cream and fruit and Banana Ice is the perfect ice cream flavoured e-liquid if you love the creamy taste of banana flavoured ice cream. If you like Kiwi, combined with vanilla, then you’ll love Vankwi e-liquid. Two other popular flavours are Strawberries and Cream, which is tasty and sweet and Raspilly Wow which is a gorgeous combination of berries and chocolate which creates a sweet, fruity flavour.

You can order all the above Fruit Flavoured E-Liquids online or from the Vape Shop in Bournemouth, Boscombe and Christchurch. Pop in if you want to have a look around, or contact us if you have any questions and our E-Liquids or other vape accessories.

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