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From Vaper to Nicotine-Free: My Path to Freedom

A Journey of Gradual Reduction and Ultimate Liberation from Nicotine

For as long as I can remember, smoking was a rite of passage. Growing up in Weymouth, I recall the days when I’d sneak off to the corner shop to buy a single No6 ciggie. The friendly shopkeeper would break up a pack of 10 and sell them individually – it was just the norm back then. Smoking was seen as a step towards adulthood, a social glue that bonded us kids. Little did we know, or perhaps care, about the insidious grip nicotine would take on our lives.

Fast forward 15 years, and there I was, puffing through 15-20 cigarettes a day. Another decade, and I found myself chained to 40 cigarettes daily. The effects were inevitable – heavy breathing, chest pains, and a constant state of fatigue. Reflecting on those times now, it’s no wonder my body was protesting with all those toxins coursing through my veins.

At 46, and working as an engineer, I realised my smoking habit was taking a serious toll on my health and career. The physical demands of my job became increasingly challenging as my body struggled under the weight of all those poisonous chemicals and metals running through my blood and organs. A turning point came when my doctor suggested vaping as a less harmful alternative. Sceptical but desperate for relief, I walked into the local vape shop. To my surprise, the staff were incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable. They patiently helped me choose a device and e-liquid with the right nicotine content. I started with a whopping 24mg – a strength that’s now off the market – and over the next four years, I gradually stepped down to 3mg.

The immediate benefits were undeniable. My chest pains disappeared, and I had more energy than I’d felt in years. The transition from smoking to vaping felt like a breath of fresh air, literally. For a while, I was content, hovering between 2-3mg of nicotine, enjoying the absence of smoke without the pressure to quit vaping altogether.

But as time went on, the idea of being completely nicotine-free began to take hold. I knew I had to take that final plunge. With the support of my trusty local vape shop, I found e-liquids with 1mg of nicotine – a rare find but a crucial stepping stone for me. I spent six months at this level, giving my body time to adjust without feeling rushed or deprived.

Finally, I made the switch to 0mg. It was a month of psychological adjustments, more than physical. But by then, I had the confidence and determination to see it through.

Today, I am proud to say I am not only cigarette-free but also vape-free. It’s been a long journey, spanning over seven years, but the sense of freedom I feel now is unparalleled. My health has improved dramatically, and I no longer feel like a slave to nicotine.

For anyone out there struggling with smoking, I can’t praise vaping enough as a means to quit. Especially if you’re a heavy smoker, vaping provides a pathway to gradually reduce your dependence on nicotine. The key is patience and finding a supportive community or local vape shop that understands your journey.

Remember, every small step down in nicotine strength is a step towards reclaiming your health and freedom. If I can do it, so can you. Here’s to a nicotine-free life!

John Thompson

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