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Freemax Maxus 3 200W Full Kit Full Review

Discover the Cutting-Edge Of Vaping with Freemax Maxus 3

The Freemax Maxus 3 200W Kit is redefining the standards of powerful, dual-battery sub-ohm vaping devices. As a compact kit designed for direct-to-lung vaping, it is equipped with the M Pro 3 tank, offering an array of coil options including the advanced 904L Mesh Pro series. The device also features customisable lighting that adds a personal touch to every vaping session.

Revolutionary Features and Design

Freemax Maxus 3 Design

Crafted with the vaper’s experience in mind, the Freemax Maxus 3 200W Kit integrates several innovative features:

Revolutionary Features and Design

Crafted with the vaper’s experience in mind, the Freemax Maxus 3 200W Kit integrates several innovative features:

FM CoilTech5.0 Technology

At the core of the Maxus 3 lies the latest in coil design, the Double-D Mesh system, which enhances flavour and vapour production for a remarkable DTL vaping experience. The FM CoilTech5.0 technology incorporates military-grade SS904L mesh material and tea fibre cotton, ensuring faster heating and improved absorption. This combination not only extends the lifespan of the coils but also delivers consistent and rich flavours with every puff. The innovative Double-D Mesh design optimises airflow and surface contact, resulting in denser vapour clouds and a more satisfying vaping experience.

Customisable Lighting

The Maxus 3 kit stands out with its customisable lighting effects, providing a full-spectrum visual experience that complements its technical capabilities. Users can personalise their devices with a variety of lighting modes and colours, creating a unique aesthetic that matches their style. The lighting effects can be synchronised with vaping actions, such as changing colours with each puff or displaying battery status through different hues. This feature adds a fun and interactive element to the vaping experience, making the Maxus 3 not only a high-performance device but also a visually engaging one.

Versatile M Pro 3 Tank

The M Pro 3 tank is a highlight of the Maxus 3 Kit, known for its versatility and performance. It supports a wide range of coil options, including the innovative 904L Mesh Pro series coils, which are renowned for their durability and superior flavour production. The tank features a sliding top-fill design with a secure locking mechanism, ensuring ease of use and preventing accidental leaks. The large e-liquid capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, allowing for longer vaping sessions. Additionally, the M Pro 3 tank is designed with child-resistant features, making it compliant with global safety standards and providing peace of mind for users with families.

Enhanced Power and User Experience

Freemax Maxus 3 Enhanced Power and User Experience

The Freemax Maxus 3 200W Kit is engineered to deliver exceptional power and an enhanced user experience. It is powered by two 18650 batteries, providing a robust output of up to 200 watts. This significant power capacity is efficiently managed through multiple modes tailored to different vaping preferences, ensuring that every user can find their ideal setting.

Sport Mode: Designed for those who crave a powerful and intense vaping experience, Sport Mode increases the initial power output, offering a robust and satisfying start to each puff.

ECO Mode: For users looking to maximise their battery life, ECO Mode reduces the power output, extending the duration between charges without compromising on performance.

The device is equipped with a user-friendly interface, displayed on a 1.06-inch TFT screen. This high-resolution screen allows for seamless navigation and customisation, featuring five colour theme options to suit personal preferences. Additionally, practical shortcut keys enhance the user experience, making adjustments quick and effortless. 

The combination of advanced power management and a versatile, intuitive interface ensures that the Freemax Maxus 3 not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern vapers, providing a superior vaping experience with every use.

Efficiency and Safety

Developed by Freemax, the Maxus 3 200W Kit prioritises both efficiency and safety. The device incorporates a top-fill design that complies with ISO 8317 child-resistance standards, ensuring a secure and hassle-free refilling process. The straightforward pull-up and slide mechanism makes accessing the tank quick and easy while preventing accidental openings. This focus on user safety and convenience underscores Freemax’s commitment to providing a reliable and user-friendly vaping experience.

Coil Compatibility and Performance

Freemax M Pro 3 Tank

The Freemax M Pro 3 tank is engineered to support a wide range of coils, catering to various vaping preferences:

904L M Mesh Pro Coils: These coils are available in configurations ranging from single to quintuple mesh, designed for optimal power efficiency and superior flavour delivery. The use of 904L stainless steel ensures durability and consistent performance.

Original Mesh Pro Coils: These coils offer additional versatility and compatibility, allowing users to customise their vaping experience further. They provide robust flavour and vapour production, enhancing the overall vaping experience.

Ultimate flavour and vapour Production

Freemax Maxus Coil Compatibility and Performance

The Maxus 3 200W Kit excels in flavour and vapour production, thanks to its innovative parallel mesh structure. This design, combined with military-grade SS904L mesh and upgraded tea fibre cotton, maximises the surface area for heating. The result is a stable structure with even heat distribution, which significantly enhances flavour and vapour output. This technological advancement ensures that every puff is rich, smooth, and satisfying, providing an unmatched vaping experience.

Maxus 3 200W Kit Specifics


– M Pro 3 Tank Dimensions: φ28*58.85mm

– Tank Capacity: TPD compliant 2mL version available

– Maxus 3 200W Mod Dimensions: 43*33.8*87.4mm

– Output Range: 5-200W

– Battery Compatibility: Dual 18650 (not included)

– Resistance Range: 0.1-3Ω

– Charging: Type-C USB

Included in the Box:

– Freemax Maxus 3 200W Mod

– M Pro 3 Tank

– M1-D 0.15Ω Mesh Coil (pre-installed)

– 904L M2 0.2Ω Mesh Coil

– Charging Cable and Spare Parts

– User and Safety Manuals

Elevate Your Vaping Experience with the Freemax Maxus 3 200W Kit

The Freemax Maxus 3 200W Kit stands out in the crowded field of high-performance vaping kits. With its advanced coil technology, robust output capabilities, and user-centric design, it promises an elite vaping experience tailored to the preferences of modern vapers. Whether you’re a cloud chaser or flavour aficionado, the Maxus 3 is equipped to exceed expectations. Its innovative features, such as the versatile M Pro 3 tank, customisable lighting, and comprehensive safety measures, make it a top choice for those seeking both performance and reliability in their vaping journey.

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