FDA Funds $270,000,000 E Cigarette Research

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With the e cigarette industry to turn over a healthy £2 Billion per year Governments are falling over themselves in a rush to get a handle on this lucrative industry. The FDA for example is about to invest £270,000,000 in research into the risk and the impact of e cigarettes. They plan to scour FaceBook to determine how e cig users are manipulating devices to get more nicotine content, they are also setting up a virtual shop aimed at 13 - 17 year olds to measure how product advertising could influence young people to start vaping.

Concerns Over Attracting Young People
The main concerns are that all the various e liquid flavours such as bubble gum, candy floss and marshmallow for example may attract young people to start vaping and therefore become addicted to nicotine. In total the FDA is now funding 48 projects to determine risks, harm and influence of e cigarettes on the non-smoking public and youngsters.

In response to this new push by the FDA Bryan Haynes from a Virginia based company Troutman Sanders, which currently represents e-cigarette manufacturers stated that "There shouldn't be regulations akin to those for cigarettes without evidence of similar health impact, especially since the preliminary evidence is positive for the industry" when it comes to comparing the contents of e-cigarette vapor to tobacco smoke.

Current Scientific Studies
Current scientific studies being undertaken to determine what happens to e cigarette vapour when its heated, i.e. does it produce carcinogenic chemicals, could lead the FDA to apply restrictions to the voltage capacity of e cigarettes. If its found that funky  e liquid flavours attract adolescents and non tobacco smokers to start vaping then the FDA will apply restrictions to the type of flavours allowed. The UK market will be affected by any FDA regulations with a like-for-like regulation happening however it is expected to be at least 2018 before any scientific findings result in any hard fast regulations. 

The Vape Shop On Regulation
The Vape Shop, while in favour of any studies and regulation that may prevent adolescents and non smokers from becoming nicotine vapers, does have some concerns over too-heavy restrictions as most e cigarette vendors including The Vape Shop already have strict online and off-line rules regarding the sale of e cigarettes and e liquid to minors.

Managing Director at The Vape Shop Carmen Giles stated that “We are fully in favour of all regulations that protect minors and non smokers, however we will be disappointed if such regulation affects the choice of existing vaping adults. The Vape Shop would like similar regulation as the Alcohol industry currently has in regards to minors. The alcohol industry offers a wide range of concoctions, flavours and coloured marketing products to adults while also having strict regulation about the sale of alcohol products to minors”.


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