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Introducing the ELEAF IKONN 220W

Advancement in technology has contributed immensely to the vaping sector and vapers find the act of vaping very interesting. This is due to the fact the cutting edge technologies are being applied in the creation of vaping device. One of the most recent vaping devices in the market is Eleaf Ikonn 220w. The introduction of this exceptional device sent shockwaves throughout the industry. It is regarded as one of the best cloud chasing kits in the market today. This unique vaping pen is designed with emerging features in the industry.  The ELEAF Ikonn kit is designed to enable vapers optimize vaping experience by providing a maximum vaping output of 220w. This amazing vaping pen is powered by a dual 18650 batteries with an upgradeable firmware alongside with a huge 0.91 inches screen. This screen offers a concise and clear interface with two separate battery bars. The Eleaf Ikonn 220W comes with six different color styles.

IKONN 220W Manufacturer

The Eleaf Ikonn 220W is manufactured by Eleaf Electronics co. Limited. This Chinese technology company was established in 2011. Since inception, Eleaf has been applying cutting edge technology to the production of vaping device in the industry. Within few years, they have grown to be among the market leaders in the vaping industry. This is due to their undying passion and unquenchable thirst for providing their customers with high performing vaping devices with features that reflects the trends in the vaping industry. Their continuous efforts and creative spirits have made Eleaf to be one of the most recognize and best-known vaping brands in the world. It is part of Eleaf’s culture to ensure that all their team members are always committed to providing the world best vaping experience to their customers worldwide. As an organization, Eleaf has developed and produced series of innovative vaping devices that have contributed immensely to the vaping industry. Today, Eleaf has become an Icon in the vaping industry. This is due to their continuous investment in the area of research and development.

ELEAF IKONN 220W Description

Eleaf Ikonn 220w is one of the vaping mods recently introduced into the market. This amazing device has a uniquely designed Ello Sub-Ohm tank with a running capacity of about 220W. Despite its running capacity, Eleaf Ikonn 220 can hold up to 4ml of different flavour of E-liquid. It has an exceptional temperature control suits as well as upgradeable firmware and optimizes about 0.91 inches OLED screen. The OLED screen is designed to offer a clear and concise interface with a view of improving the functionality and performance of the vaping pen. This vaping pen has a battery balancing trickle charge system. This charge system is designed to bring the two batteries to equal charge level; this will bring about high charging security as well as 2A charge capability. It has a creative design 510 connections to USB RC adapter that allows the Ikonn 220W to be used as power bank for charging other devices. This vaping device has a 25mm diameter sub-Ohm tank with a sliding top fill system. The Ello Sub-Ohm tank is versatile in functionality; this is due to its 4ml maximum capacity and the utilization of HW series coil heads.

ELEAF IKONN 220W Features

  • Fashionably Designed: The Eleaf Ikonn 220W vaping pen is fashionably designed with high level of Iconic features. It is designed with six color styles; this makes the device to be stylish and modern.
  • Higher Output: The vaping pen has a high output capacity of about 220W and it is powered by a dual 18650 batteries. The fact that this vaping pen has a high vaping capacity makes it unique.
  • Durable: Eleaf Ikonn 220W vaping device is designed with exceptional features that ensure the durability of the device
  • High charging security: This vaping device has a high level of battery security. This is due to the battery balancing trickling charging system that was included in the design of the device. This charging system helps to bring two batteries to equal charge level and ensure efficiency in their performance and functionality.
  • Switchable interface: Eleaf Ikonn 220W has switchable interface and exceptional designed preheat functions that give that enable the device to easily heat up the coil at higher wattage. With this, vapers can enjoy an unmatched vaping experience.


  • Eleaf Ikonn 220w vaping pen is very easy to use and comfortable to handle
  • It is beautifully designed with an Ello tank attached to it.
  • It has a high charging security that contributes to the life span of the battery.
  • It has a USB port that makes it possible to be used both indoor and outdoor.


  • One of the challenges of this device is the fact that it is not bright enough to see the screen output.
  • The tank capacity is a bit small and can only contain little quantity of e-liquid.


The Eleaf Ikonn 220W is a perfect choice for travellers who like vaping at all time. This is due to the fact that it has a high charging security that makes the battery power to last for a very long-time. Also this product is receiving a high level of acceptance worldwide due to safety features, ergonomic orientation and functionality. It is indeed the vaping pen of the century.

Buy The Eleaf Ikonn 220W

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