E-liquid Alchemy

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The more experienced vapers amongst you have probably come to get a pretty good idea about what you want and what you don’t want in your e-liquid vape flavours but there are so many of you with so many different ideas that it is hard for us to give you all exactly what you want.  So here at the Vape Shop we have come up with a solution.  We have put our considerable knowledge and Vape-pertise in the e-liquid flavour department into good use and designed a way for you to make your own vape e-liquid flavour just the way you want it.  It is all in your hands (that means we accept no responsibility for the final flavour you create, the good, the bad and the indifferent – that is all on you!!).

We can now offer you a virtually unique facility in online vape shop services. Using our own exclusive concentrated flavours, nicotine bases and a little basic science, you get to mix your own e-liquids to suit your taste.  All our products, from our flavour concentrates to our nicotine and diluent bases, are made with the very best ingredients available.  This mix-your-own system means that you are the one in control of your nicotine levels, your flavour creation and the different percentages of bases and flavours that you want in order to meet your vaping needs.  Choose your PG/VG ratio, your nicotine strength, the liquid size and up to three different flavours from our massive range, we do all the alchemy and voila, your very own e-liquid flavour. It is easy to do and it is great value for money. 

The Basics of E-liquid Alchemy

E-liquids are the liquids that fuel electronic cigarettes and they are simply a combination of nicotine, flavour concentrates and diluents - (PG) Propylene Glycol or (VG) Vegetable Glycerine - and by mixing these three ingredients to the correct ratios anybody can make their own unique flavours and strengths.  You get to be in control of the flavour, strength, vapour production and ‘throat hit’ of your e-liquid.

It is important to understand that nicotine is an addictive substance, which has chemical effects on your body.  If you are using vaping to quit other nicotine products, or you have never used them, 0mg strength is probably for you. Unlike tobacco, e-liquids can contain nicotine as an added ingredient, and just as easily as adding it, it can be left out of the recipe. E-liquid that is 0mg, truly contains no nicotine.  If you don’t use tobacco products, Vaping can be enjoyed and used for reasons other than taking in nicotine.

Even if you are adding nicotine, it has no discernible taste. Therefore to produce a flavourful e-liquid it stands to reason that a flavour needs to be added.  Here at The Vape Shop we have hundreds of different flavours to choose from and are adding more of the finest tasting and highest quality e-liquid flavourings constantly.

Lastly you need the diluent.  This performs two functions. Firstly, it is added to dilute the mixture of nicotine and flavours to the desired strength and secondly it provides the constituent that produces the vapour. It is the vapour which is inhaled and transports both the flavour and nicotine from the e-cig to the user. All our diluents are high quality food grade and are made up of either:


Propylene Glycol (PG)

Propylene Glycol is an organic compound.  It is colourless, nearly odourless, and totally tasteless so there is little or no flavour distortion.  This means that the more PG-based e-juices produce the biggest flavour intensity and throat hit.  Also as it is thinner than VG it takes less time and power to reach the level of vaporization so the vapour that is produced feels warmer.   

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Vegetable Glycerine is an all-natural relatively viscous liquid generally extracted from plant oils, in particular, soy, coconut oil, and palm oil. It is typically clear with little hint of colour, odourless and in most cases sweet.  This is what enhances vapour production, and adds a little sweetness and smoothness to the e-liquid. It is a perfect base for vapers who love a thicker and higher density vapour cloud. It is easier on your throat which means it delivers less throat hit but unlike the PG base Vegetable Glycerine does contain pre-existing flavour and sweetness that you have to account for when choosing your flavours.

Get in control of your e liquid and put your inner alchemist to work...Click Here

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