E Cig MOD Market Is Expanding

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Since the first e cigarette MOD, (Modified E Cigarette Device), appeared on the market this niche part of the e cigarette industry has continued to grow from strength to strength quietly in the background of the more standard and popular e cigarette models. However in 2014 we can now see that the MOD e cigarette market is a major in itself.

E Cig MODS's Have Evolved
The first MOD’s available on the market targeted extra vape performance with new features such as variable voltage and variable wattage functionality, extra power through offering larger battery capacity and the like. These features at the time were new innovations that the standard EGO style e cigarettes did not have. Today we see that most e cig batteries offer a some form of VV and VW feature like the EGO Twist or Vision Spinner, the Innokin VV, MVP and VTR to name a few. As these new features became part of the mainstream e cig market the MOD market continued to grow and morph itself into personalised vaporisers through not only function but also style.

The cost of a decent MOD vary massively depending on what you are looking for. For example if you're simply in the market for a more powerful battery mod then something like the iTaste SVD which will cost around £49.00’s and allow you to use a 2600mAH 18650 battery with the features of variable wattage and variable voltage. Or if you are in the market for a super stylised MOD that can take both small and large batteries as well as cater for high capacity clearomizer then The Hammer Mod is a perfect choice with ventilation holes and bottom lock feature.

MOD's Can Vary In Price

The top of the range MOD's are usually are individually hand made mod’s like the TouchWood or The Darwin, these and other similar stylised personal vaporisers (VP’s) offer unique individual design with robust functionality. Most of these hand made MOD’s are expensive costing anywhere from £150.00 up to £250.00’s. However they are worth the price if you are into your e cig devices, and with the money saving aspect of using an e cig opposed to the cost of tobacco cigarettes, this expense should be a drop in the ocean and a well spent investment.

In saying all this the standard electronic cigarette such as the CE4 Twist, EVOD and others are a very adequate alternative to the real tobacco cigarette and will provide a decent vape. MOD’s are really for people who are looking for a more individual or powerful vape.

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