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Ever thought about the hygiene aspect of vaping? Its a very important, but not so well documented, aspect of using an e cigarette, after all we are sticking them in our mouth plenty of times a day. In our walk-in stores all our flavour-test tanks are wiped after every use with an alcohol / antibacterial wipe.

When its your own personal e cig though how many times do you actually clean the tip of your tank? Most us are aware of cleaning the battery and screw threads of the atomizer insert with a dry tissue to clean away any unwanted e liquid. But most people forget about the actual tip of the tank/clearomizer which is the part we put into our mouths. You would be surprised the amount of ‘gunk’ that can build up in the tip and around the tip edges after 3-4 weeks of constant use.

Bacteria and nasty germs can build up quickly on tank/clearomizer tips that are not cleaned regularly and this can lead to mouth infection and mouth-ulcers. To combat this from happening always clean your filter/tips every few days or so with an alcohol/antibacterial wipe making sure you pass it through the middle of the tip ensuring you get right inside.


Gum Disease
If you have been a long term tobacco smoker don't be surprised if you get some bleeding gums and mouth infection at the start of vaping as most long term smokers have got gum disease and whilst smoking the gum disease is masked. However after quitting tobacco for a few weeks the gum disease comes to the forefront as there is now more oxygen getting to the gums. A good course of decent mouthwash such as Corsodyl or such should deal with most light mouth issues but please consult your dentist if you experience any symptoms.

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