Detailed Innokin Iroar Oceanus Mod Review

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Innokin Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit is one of the most recent innovative vaping products from Innokin. It is designed to cater for the unquenchable thirst for new health friendly methods of inhaling and exhaling cigarette. This vaping device is uniquely designed with automated features that make it operate freely without temperature control, no user power curves, no memory settings and other functions that ordinarily require manual operation. This innovative E-cigarette product is tailored towards giving precision on variable wattage and bypass modes with the highest level of accuracy. The device is manufactured to bridge the gaps between users and automated E-cigarette device.

Iroar Oceanus Manufacturer

Innokin Iroar Oceanus Isub kit is manufactured by Innokin. It is an emerging technological company that was established in 2011. As an organization, its goal is to combine technological innovative, trending designs and the highest standards of quality to create fascinating electronic cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers around the world.  Right from inception, it has always been the dream of Innokin to give true vaping freedom.  They are more technologically advanced and environmental friendly compare to other wasteful low-tech e-cigs. Due to the quality orientation and innovative tendency in the production of electronic cigarettes, Innokin has grown to become a Market leader in the industry.

Iroar Oceanus Descriptions

Innokin Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit is one of the most innovative sub-ohm vape mod from Innokin. This innovative device is powered by a single removable 20700 battery with a delivery capacity of 110W power in a small single battery body.  It has a stylish sleek design with high level of durability and reliability. It has a complete set-up with iSub VE vape tank with a duo capacity of 20700 e-cigarette batteries to power it. Oceanus Isub Kit operates with exceptional Aethon board that gives precision to temperature control, variable wattage and bypass mode with unparallel accuracy.  This device is not only functionally unique but it is also ergonomically ideal and aesthetically pleasing. It is very easy to operate due to the simple format that makes it possible for users to customize their vaping experience.  Oceanus Isub Kit is tailored towards avoiding leakage and makes refilling easy with a top fill system as well as adjustable bottom airflow that will instantly deliver flavorsome vaping experience.

Features of The Oceanus Iroar

 The Innokin Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit has several features that make it unique; some of these features are;

  • Durability: One of the unique features of Iroar Oceanus Isub kit is the fact that it is highly durable. Its structure is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass. The fact that this device has been designed with good quality orientation makes it very reliable.
  • Performance: The performance level of this device is second to none. This is due to the fact that it has temperature control facility, Bypass mode and a 110Watts capacity. Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit has unparallel precision that gives users exceptional vaping experience. This vape outperformed other vapers around the world.
  • Quality: The Innokin Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit is uniquely designed with a high level of quality orientation. The device is easy to use and the atomizers are designed in such a way that they can fit in a flush. It runs on a huge 20700 batteries, this makes it to perform beyond most other vaping machine today. The battery cover is magnetic with an OLED display that makes it amazing and fascinating. It is easy to fill with adjustable airflow in the bottom. This is due to the fact that it is designed to avoid leakage of any type.
  • Batteries: One of the most unique features of Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit is the fact that the battery can last a very long time. This is one of the reasons why this device is a perfect choice for vapers as it enables them to vape for a longer period.


  • It has 100 percent coil reading accuracy.
  • It has an amazing and great battery life with a battery capacity of 3000mah
  • It has sufficient power to run the device
  • It is a simple device that is very easy to operate.
  • The device’s coil heats up quickly, this adds to its degree of efficiency
  • It is a beautiful device with a high level of ergonomic.


  • One of the challenge users are facing when vaping with this device is the fact that it doesn’t have temperature control
  • When other atomizers are used on this device, minor gap is created.


Bottom Line

Innokin Iroar Oceanus Isub Kit is a device that is highly beneficial to the vapers. The unique features of this device makes it attractive and a perfect choice for vapers in today’s society. Despite the few cons that were identified, the Pros outweighed the cons and it is a perfect device that every viper should  have.


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