Dessert E-Liquids – More Popular Than Ever!

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For many people, one of the best things about vaping is the opportunity to try a whole lot of new and exciting flavours every time they fire up their device. Back in the days of smoking, cigarettes only came with tobacco flavour – or possibly menthol. Vaping opens up a world of tastes, so it’s no wonder that manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of flavour, creating ever-more exotic options that tingle the tastebuds and delight the senses.

If you’re yet to be initiated into the world of e-juices, you’re sure to be astounded by the sheer breadth of choice you’ve got available. Of course, there are classic e-liquids like tobacco, menthol and simple fruit flavours like cherry which have been around for ages, but over the last couple of years the market has opened up to include everything from coffee-shop-inspired tastes to e-juices based on popular cocktails.

However, when it comes to the modern e-juice market, there’s one category of e-liquids which is storming ahead. Dessert e liquid flavours have taken off in an enormous way. Fruit e liquid flavours have been out there since the earliest vaping days, but the love of sweet vapes was so strong that the industry branched out in other directions, looking for other sweet e liquid flavours which vapers would love.

Vanilla flavours proved popular, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. In a short space of time, vapers were going mad for everything from candy store classics to vape juices with confection and cake flavours. Now, whatever your favourite after-dinner treat, you’ll find something on the shelves of your local vape shop that tantalises your tongue!

For The Love Of Ice Cream

Ice cream – the world’s favourite frozen treat! If you’re a fan of the nation’s top frozen dessert you’ll love the wealth of ice cream e-juices on the market today. There’s everything from basic vanilla for all you purists out there to more exotic combinations like coconut & lime ice cream. You can give your last course a miss with an ice cream e-liquid, or have a sweet treat at any time of the day with none of the calories!

School Dinner Classics

It might come as a surprise to discover that one of the most popular categories of dessert-inspired e-juice out there is the school dinner classics selection! Maybe it’s the nostalgia, or maybe we all just have a deep-seated passion for Bakewell tart and treacle & ginger pudding but there’s no doubt that these flavours that take us right back to the school dining hall are top-sellers.

While school dinners may not have been such a joy at the time, in retrospect we all have a soft spot for those classic desserts from back in the day. Lumpy custard might not have been so attractive at the time, but when you’re an adult, it’s very easy to look back and reminisce! Now you can relive the good old days when you fire up your vape.

Bakery Store Favourites

If you can’t walk past your local bakery without your stomach rumbling, you’ll love the bakery store favourites e-juices out there today. From the delicious taste of a sweet pie or fruit tart to the comforting and familiar flavour of a cinnamon cookie, perhaps with a glass of milk on the side, it’s no wonder that these days there is more demand than ever for bakery e-juices. Cinnamon, vanilla and warm, creamy flavours – what’s not to like?

It’s An Oldie But A Goodie

There are some desserts that never go out of style. We might not see black forest gateau on restaurant menus quite as often today as we used to in the heady days of the 1970s and 80s when it was the ultimate in sophistication and class, but it’s still just as popular with fans old and new, especially when it comes as an e-juice flavour. Cherry has always been one of the top e-juice options but a Black Forest gateau e-liquid takes its juiciness to a whole new level, pairing it with chocolate and cream for a really amazing taste sensation.

Fruit, Taken To A New Level

While we’re talking about cherry, we need to mention the other ever-popular fruit flavours on the market today. Strawberry, mixed berries and even melon are old news these days, but manufacturers know that fruit e-juices are just the thing at the end of a meal or to refresh you at any time of day. With that in mind, they come up with some fantastic fruit blends that give you the sweet hit you’ve been craving but with some extra on the side. Take the strawberries and cream flavour, for example. Everybody loves the juiciness of a strawberry, but when you add the extra creaminess to it, you’ve got a truly dessert-like treat that gives you a luxurious experience that you can enjoy any time.

​A Kid In A Candy Store

Are you missing the good old days when you used to pop into the sweet store on the way home from school and get a penny mix-up? Well, now you can relive the excitement when you fire up your e-cig! There are some amazing candy inspired flavours available to buy today, with sour sweets being a major inspiration. Sour lemon, pear drops, rhubarb and custard, sour apples…the list goes on. You can even get bubble gum flavours that’ll transport you right back to your childhood in seconds. You can satisfy your sweet tooth whenever you need that sugar rush and still not get into trouble with your dentist!


Has there ever been a more persuasive reason to vape? With such an amazing array of dessert-flavoured e-liquids available to choose from, there’s certain to be one that makes your mouth water. Whether you want a nostalgic trip down memory lane or want to indulge your inner sophisticated side, there’s a host of options on the market that are going to delight your tastebuds and open up a world of flavour. What are you waiting for?


Last update: December 24, 2018

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