Decline Of The CE4

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The basic, mid and high end range of clearomizer tanks are flourishing as the clearomizer market grows. When the first CE4 style clearomizer came on the market it was revolutionary and shot the vaping experience up to a brand new level. Upstaging the original EGO tank and drip system the CE4 did away with the constant need to re-fill, the leaking cartridges and the numerous dry burn hits the EGO T and C vapers used to get. When the CE4 came out vapers fell over themselves to buy one and we started to see the fast decline of the EGO T and EGO C style e cigarettes, in fact you may find it a bit of a struggle to buy an EGO T or EGO C kit as most vendors have now stopped stocking them or at the very least have a limited supply.

So what is it about the CE4 style clearomizer that changed the market? Well is simplicity of design, maintenance and quality of performance is the answer. The CE4 was the first really well designed e smoking vaporising unit that tackled major annoyances vapers had with the previous cartridges and tanks. The new design of having the atomizer head and wicks in the same container as the e liquid was a dramatic leap forward in e cigarette technology.

A few years on and the once fast sought after CE4 now sits at the bottom end of the clearomizer market and has become one of the very basic clearomizers you can buy. As new tanks and now new airflow tanks have come out, each one adding to the design and function of its predecessor, the CE4 has become the poor vapers choice. In saying all this the CE4 still performs as it always has producing a decent vape for a limited amount of time.

CE4 Competitors
Aspire launched the CE5 dual coil BCC which offers a very strong vape and does away with the problem of having to turn the CE4 on end to wet the wicks when your e liquid is getting low as well as having the added feature of being rebuildable. The iClear 16 operates in much the same way as the Aspire CE5 but comes with top end wicked atomizer and produces a very decent vape experience. The CE4 wickless, (or CE5 wickless), mimics the CE4 in every way apart from the fact that is houses internal wick material offering a smoother vape with less e liquid use. And so on...there are now so many basic clearomizers to choose from I haven't got the pace to list them all.

Clearomizer Technology Advancement
Once again we see the e cigarette device market leap forward with massive strides and technological advancements and all in a relatively short space of time. No sooner do we see a new invention come onto the market when an even newer better one is launched weeks or months later. The CE4, although now one of the most basic clearomizers, is still an old favourite though and will do what it says on the tin so we won't be seeing the last of it for quite a while yet.

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