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Here is a recent email received by The Vape Shop from an ecigarette user:


I recently purchased a spare USB charger and a UK wall adapter from yourselves & I was wondering if you could help by explaining a few things. I’m extremely cautious about charging my Vaporizer & was recently advised that providing the MAH is between 500-1000 then its absolutely fine. But the USB lead is 420MAH and the adapter is 1000MAH. Does this make a difference? Also my partner has a USB lead but that’s a much higher MAH. So is there a range between the MAH in the USB leads & then a specific range of MAH in the wall adapters?

Industry eCig Battery Charge Capacity Confusion
The above email inquiry highlights the confusion within the industry about ecig chargers and their usage. All our ecig USB chargers are 420Mah and our wall adapters are mainly 500-1000Mah (both are 5 volts), in fact we have just reduced all wall adapters to 500Mah. The really important aspect to be aware of is that the USB charger unit (the unit the ecig battery screws into to) is 420Mah. The USB charger regulates the draw of power from the wall adapter to the acceptable amount for the lithium ion cell ecig battery.

420Mah Is The Safe Choice For The USB Charger
420Mah USB chargers are the safe unit for 650mah batteries and above, using 500Mah USB chargers and above can put too much power through to the battery causing it to overheat. The thing about a lithium ion cell battery is that it will draw as much power as is available, in fact it will often draw more power than is good for it, they are greedy cells! So connecting it to 500Mah and above will allow the battery more power than it can actually handle causing it to overheat and fail.

Various Powered Batteries
For a battery of 1000Mah and over a USB charger of 500Mah would be fine allowing the battery to charge faster, however it is always better to have a slow charge and be safe than get a fast charge by risking safety. For batteries lower than 1000Mah such as 650Mah a 420mah USB charger is recommended connected to a similar voltage plug adapter (5 Volts).

The Vape Shop Recommendations
As there is no real universal ecig charger that caters for all ecig batteries we recommend using the smaller 420Mah USB charger unit which will cater for smaller batteries with a decent charge speed and larger batteries with a slower charger speed.


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