Best Tobacco E Liquids & Best Tobac E Juice Flavours

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At The Vape Shop we offer one of the largest tobacco flavoured e liquid menus in the UK. Our range of tobac e juices has a flavour for every tobacco vaper out there. As with the real thing there are lots of variations of tobacco flavours from course tobaccos to smooth USA tobacs. Then there are flavoured and enhanced tobacco e liquids that have been expertly blended to enhance the tobac flavour of add extra dimensions to the whole vape by combining complementary flavours.

Voted As The Best Virginia Tobac E Liquid
Virginia Tobacco E LiquidBased on customer feedback on this site and our online social platforms the Virginia e juice we have created is by far one of the best tasting juices to resemble the original golden virginia flavour. It's all round golden roasted medium tobacco leaf taste is not as course as some of the ‘rougher’ tasting virginia tobacco out there. It holds a sunny disposition in the form of it flavour while hitting the virginia tobacco taste spot on.

With a less-bitter and less-coarse tobacco vape experience our Gold Virginia tobacco e liquid really nails it with it's sunny dried tobacco flavour that satisfies any vaper who liked the original like-for-like rolling tobacco product.




Best Caramel Tobacco E Juice

Caramel Tobacco E LiquidAccording to the boss Big Red e juice is one of the best tasting medium-course full flavoured tobacco e liquids with a caramel background. The rich caramel is a background flavour that balances any bitterness caused by the tobacco flavour. It adds a smooth and very subtle caramel creaminess at the end of each vape while not detracting from the main tobac blended flavours.

Having vaped Bid Red tobac e juice for several years straight our boss swears by it and many who have tried it have fallen under its rich tobacco caramel flavour. Don't imagine this to be a sweet tobac as the caramel is minimal and only enough to add a subtle sweet caramel note at the end of each vape but it's enough to accentuate and compliment the main flavour.




The Best Nutty Tobacco Flavoured E Liquid
Nutty Tobacco E LiquidSurprisingly by adding the right amount of nut flavour to various tobaccos can enhance the overall tobacco flavour giving it more depth and enhancing the tobacco taste. Using all types of nuts from pecans, hazelnuts and peanuts can and does impact on how the tobacco juice tastes. At The Vape Shop we have blended some of the best tasting nutty tobacco e liquids on the market Two of the very best of these are 3 Kings and Brazil Tobac.

3 Kings is a blend of various complementary tobacco leaf flavours with roasted hazelnuts and a hint of caramel. The hazelnut adds an extra substance to the tobacco and the caramel rounds off any bitterness. While Brazil Tobac is a less sweet tobac combined with roasted hazelnut.



The Best Flavoured Tobacco E Cig Juices
Flavoured Tobacco E LiquidOne might think that a flavoured tobacco juice like Cherry Tobac or Bourbon flavoured tobacco, or any of the wide range of flavoured tobaccos we have available might taste weird. But until you have tried one you don't know what you are missing. These flavoured tobaccos work really well and offer an extra dimension to vaping a straight tobac flavour like virginia or RY4.

When adding an additional flavours like coconut, chocolate or lime for example, and blending it in such a way as it compliments and enhances the tobacco vaping experience, the result is a more satisfying tobacco vaping experience. The trick is the way these flavours are blended together, the flavour choices themselves and the tobacco types to add them to. Our very best flavoured tobacco e liquids range from simple additions such as cherry to more complex blends like Moroccan Nights made from lime, bourbon, coke, berries and tobacco.



The Best Coarse Tobac Flavoured E Liquids
Coarse Tobacco E Liquid
A coarse tobacco e liquid is usually one that's blended from a dark and bitter tobacco leaf. These juices provide the rough dark flavour represented by some of the original coarse rolling and cigarette tobaccos like Olde Holburne, Burley Tobac, Mellow Dark or Dark Hilton. These flavours offer a full-on dark tobacco vape experience by providing the full tobacco flavour without sweetness.

Usually a coarse tobacco will also include a slight, to strong, bitter aftertaste that is a normal part of an unsweetened dark tobacco. The coarseness come from the heavy shag leaf dark tobac juice is derived from. At The Vape Shop our best coarse tobacco e liquids cover a broad range of the popular rolling tobacco flavours as well as some of the older cigarette style flavours.

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