FINALLY! MEDICAL FACTS By BBC’s Doctor Michael Mosley

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In a surprising turnaround the below BBC Trust Me Im A Doctor video highlights how electronic cigarette sceptic Dr Michael Mosley was completely dumbfounded when he set out to prove that e cigarettes were bad for the user.

In this new shocking video Dr Mosley performs scientific medical tests on tobacco smokers and e cigarette users to ascertain what is happening in the body of the smoker and the e cig user. The results of the test were shocking, to say the least, especially when it came to the result of ecig passive smoking. Not convinced Dr Mosley arranged a meeting with Prof Peter Hajek, the director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London to discuss the possible harm of e cigarettes compared to tobacco smoking. Again the result of this meeting was shocking to Dr Mosley as Professor Hajek stated that the nicotine in ecigarettes was only as dangerous as coffee and that he sees the Electronic Cigarette as a ‘REVOLUTIONARY DEVICE saving millions of lives!

Watch this amazing video that has turned Dr Mosley from a sceptic into a believer. In my opinion its one of the first truthful studies to be highlighted on the national media cutting through the hype created by politicians and tobacco companies.


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