Aspire Speeder Revvo Kit Review

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The Aspire brand has already released several popular vaping devices which are known for their good quality and high performance. This latest incarnation won’t disappoint, since it offers plenty of power in one attractive and well-designed package.

The Speeder Revvo 200 W kit from the Aspire brand is a powerful mod which is capable of firing in several modes and up to 200 Watts to suit all kinds of vapers. It uses two 18650 batteries, although they aren’t included, which ensures that it is capable of packing a punch but without being too big or ungainly to handle or to carry around. There’s a lot to like about this device, whatever your vaping preferences, so without any further ado, let’s look at its specifications and details so you can decide if it’s the one for you.




The original Speeder mod has been given a brand new update for this kit, with a colourful mod that is finished with attractive and stylish leather. It features a large fire button which is very responsive and feels good in the hand, as well as a large and clear screen which is simple to read. Measuring close to an inch, the smart screen even flips automatically to suit the way it’s being held.



There are four modes to choose from, which ensures that every user can customise their vaping experience to suit their own unique preferences. Whether you prefer temperature control for sub ohm vaping, bypass mode for a safer mech mod experience, adjustable voltage or wattage vaping, there’s a setting to suit you. Whichever mode you choose, you can expect plenty of impressive vapour and flavour.



The best feature of the Speeder Revvo kit is its Revvo tank which has an ARC (Aspire Radar Coil) which is the latest word in impressive vape quality. This radial plate promises lots of vapour and flavour thanks to its larger heating surface area and a revolutionary stove top design. Its top airflow is adjustable for a more customised experience, and with its top-filling design, it’s a breeze to refill. Made from strong and durable Pyrex glass, this tank won’t break easily either, and can withstand a few shocks and drops.



Thanks to the four different settings and the radical new style of coil, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the vaping experience offered up by the Aspire Speeder Revvo kit. The flavour and vapour is outstanding, and with 200 Watts of power, you can expect a powerful punch from this device.




There aren’t many negative points to this stylish and conveniently portable device. If anything, the fact that you have to buy your batteries separately might be a bit of a pain for some people, and the camera-style battery compartment door isn’t the most secure or easy to use option, however these are minor points. If you’re a mouth to lung vaper, this device is ok, but it’s really better for sub ohm vaping, which is where it really excels.




The Aspire Speeder Revvo kit is well designed and is extremely sturdy, being durable and resilient enough to withstand a few drops and knocks without breaking. Its body is colourful and attractively designed, with a pleasant feel in the hand, and its performance is good enough to impress most users.


Although this vape is best for those who prefer sub ohm vaping, it would suit vapers who prefer different vaping styles thanks to its choice of modes, and its innovative new style of coil guarantees excellent vapour and flavour production that is sure to hit the spot.

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