Aspire SkyStar Review

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The Aspire brand is known for its quality, and the SkyStar is one of its latest incarnations. The first touch screen mod from the brand, this SkyStar is easy to use, high quality and stylish – what’s not to like?



When compared with other mods, the SkyStar from Aspire has a unique look. Coming a host of shades from white to woodgrain, this is one stylish piece of vaping equipment, and although it’s slightly taller than some of its competitors, it has nicely curved corners that make it feel compact and easy to handle. Overall, it has quite a retro feel which will appeal to many vapers who have a passion for curves!



With just a single button on this device it couldn’t be more user friendly if it tried. Five clicks will switch the mod on, which is fairly standard, however it can only be switched off by holding down the fire button for two seconds and its stealth mode is switched on when the button is clicked three times – which is completely different from the standard.


Nevertheless, once you’ve got to grips with the different click orders, this is an easy to use device and the swipe menu is much more intuitive that you might expect. You can easily change between TC and Wattage modes and there is also a bypass mode allowing the device to be an unregulated mod.



Aspire’s vaping devices are known for the impressive quality of their performance, and you won’t be disappointed by the SkyStar. You’ll get some good flavour from this vape as well as some pretty decent clouds, although they may not be big enough for the most dedicated cloud chasers.


Since this mod is a bit bigger than some of its rivals and has a different layout, it can take a while to work out how to get the best performance from this device but once you’ve figured out how to get the experience you’ve been hoping for you’ll get some good value for money.



Some users do report that you can end up with a few dry hits from this device, especially if you like to vape at a higher wattage. The manufacturer recommends turning the mod every couple of vapes to re-saturate the coils to avoid this problem, and that’s a bit strange and could put some people off.


While the user menu is actually very good once you get to grips with it, it’s a bit of a steep learning curve when you’re first getting used to swiping down and up to change the settings. It can be quite fiddly to adjust and that could easily put people off, especially newer vapers who are keen to simplify their experience.


Another minor irritation is that not all types of e-juice bottle are compatible with the fill spring on the tank top (if you buy the full kit), meaning the top cap has to be completely removed to refill which can lead to spills and mess.



Although there are some downsides to the Aspire SkyStar, it is an attractive looking device and produces a decent level of performance for the price. The touch screen is an interesting detail and may not be for everyone, but it does improve the operation of the mod and prevents accidental adjustment of the settings.

With its retro appearance and attractive curves, this device is going to suit all kinds of vapers and even better, it comes in at a very affordable price tag, making it a good choice for vapers on a budget who want to be sure that they’re getting a quality device.


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