Aspire Cleito 120 Review

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With its revolutionary and stylish new design, the Aspire Cleito 120 offers a well controlled air flow and highly efficient wicking even when used with the thickest high-vg e-juice. It boasts many strengths and thanks to its new pre-made coil (the Maxi Watt) it is capable of firing up to as much as 120W of power.


Clear Glass Design

There are some great features of the Aspire Cleito 120 tank. Its Maxi Watt Coil has a Clapton structure and offers a much higher level of powerful vaping. This stylish tank also has an unusual bare glass design. While many manufacturers have gone with a design which protects the tank from breakage with any accidental drop, the Cleito 120’s designers have gone with simple aesthetics. It's clear glass means you can see what’s going on in the tank easily, and yet you won’t need to worry about breakage since it is made from highly durable Pyrex and can withstand a drop or two. Unless you’re planning on using it as a football, it should be pretty safe from damage. This is a surprisingly sturdy tank that should stand the test of time.


Easy Refill Cleito Tank

One of the best things about this tank is its top refill design. Its top cap has an efficient grip design so you won’t make a lot of mess and you’ll be able to refill quickly and easily without any problems. The only thing you need to watch out for is ensuring you don’t screw the top cap on too tightly, otherwise you’ll end up having to dismantle the whole tank to get it apart.


The 120 Has Easy Adjustment

When it comes to adjusting your air intake you won’t have any difficulty in customising your vape to suit your own preferences since the large air holes measure 11mm x 2mm, ensuring that you can focus on either flavor or vapor depending on your preferences.


Power And Performance

Handling as much as 120 W of power, you can expect the Aspire Cleito 120’s Maxi Watt coils to produce some amazing vapor clouds while simultaneously producing some pretty tasty vapor. Unfortunately, one of the problems comes when you crank the power up since the Delrin drip tip can become pretty hot and the vape itself can be too warm for some. On the downside too, while this tank doesn’t seem to have any spitback issues, it does guzzle that high VG e-juice, so if you’re looking for greater economy from your vape, you might want to give this tank a wide berth.


The Drip Tip

Unfortunately, one of the issues with this tank is that the drip tip can’t be switched out, so if you have a personal favourite this isn’t the tank for you since you’re stuck with the standard issue. Nevertheless, the one that comes pre-installed is pretty good and will satisfy most vapers.


RTA Supplied

An RTA deck comes as standard with the Aspire Cleito 120 tank, so if you’re not a big fan of the pre-installed Maxi Watt coil, no worries, simply build your own and you’re good to go. This allows for excellent customisability for those who prefer to tailor their experience to perfectly suit their own tastes and gives you a lot more flexibility for your money.



Overall, there’s a lot to like about the Aspire Cleito 120, not least its stylish good looks. Sturdy yet attractive, easy to adjust and withstanding high power, you’re guaranteed large clouds and great vapor as long as you don’t mind your vape being pretty warm. You’ve also got the extra versatility of the RTA deck which gives you more flexibility to customise your vape.



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