Aspire Athos Tank Review

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Aspire’s range of vaping products are recognised for their high quality and the Aspire Athos tank is an appealing addition to their collection. Durable, long lasting and surprisingly attractive, it often comes as part of another Aspire starter kit but it can just as easily be attached to a different mod for an impressive experience.


This is a seriously high-end tank for people who are dedicated to improving their vaping experience and is the ideal choice for sub ohm vapers since it is a competition standard tank with the ability to produce enormous clouds. Combining performance with good looks, the Aspire Athos is sure to impress.



When it comes to design, the Athos comes out on top. The chimney, frame and body of the Athos has been manufactured from 304 stainless steel and its tank is made from strong Borosilicate glass to help protect it against accidental drops and falls. The pairing ensures that the tank will be long lasting and durable, and the overall design is visually appealing with a modern, stylish flair thanks to its crisp lines and attractive curves.


It also has an extra wide clear plastic drip tip which adds more elegance to its appearance, although it can be switched out if you prefer to use another drip tip, while the oversized window allows the user to easily monitor their e-juice levels without having to open the tank to check if a refill is necessary.


As if this wasn’t enough, you can even choose between a number of attractive colours so you can find a really cool look that matches your preference, from plain black to stunning rose gold.  If you hate cleaning your device, (and who doesn’t!) you’re also going to appreciate the fact that the Athos can be fully disassembled, so you’ll have no difficulty in carrying out routine maintenance.



Described as a competition level tank, the Aspire Athos really lives up to expectations. Thanks to the dual adjustable air flow valves, the Athos tank ensures excellent performance when it comes to producing clouds, and if you vape at a high wattage and with the valves wide open, you can produce some of the thickest clouds ever.


You can get some great flavour too, but the tank uses e-liquid incredibly quickly, and since it has multiple vertical coils, you’re going to go through e-liquid much faster with the Athos than with many of its rivals. One of the best things about the dual adjustable airflow is that if you love flavour, you can easily adjust it to get the perfect blend of flavour and vapour without any frustration and without compromising at all on performance.


The Athos coils are also of the highest quality. The Tri-Coil has a 0.3 Ohm rating which is pretty good, but those who are looking for the highest cloud production are sure to love the Penta-coil head with its 0.16 Ohm rating which produces some seriously impressive vapour.



One of the major drawbacks to the Athos tank is that it really sucks up e-juice at a phenomenal rate. This is never going to be the right tank for anyone who is keen to save as much e-liquid as possible.



Whether you’re a cloud chaser or flavour fan, you’re going to love the Aspire Athos. Its coils are incredibly high quality and its design is among the most appealing out there. With smoothly adjustable dual airflow and a host of handy features like the large port window, this tank is a great choice if you’re serious about maximising the pleasure of vaping.


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