Are You a Hardcore Vaper?

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Vapers are a proud lot. They like to show off their vaping abilities showing those around them just how much “smoke” they can produce and all of the vape rings, hearts and other shapes they can make by contorting their mouths with each exhale. They feel that they are an essential part of the vaping culture and they must vape as often as possible. But how do you know if you are a hardcore vaper? One that lives the vaping lifestyle every day and that wants to convert every cigarette smoker to e-cigarettes? Here is a list of things that the hardcore vapors out there know very well.

* You are only willing to date people who vape because they “get you”.

* You find people way more attractive if they are vapers.

* You find it annoying when people tell you to stop smoking. It’s NOT smoking!

* Seeing others in public vaping is like finding others in your tribe.

* You get overly excited when publicly vaping; it’s just such a thrill when you’ve been treated like a leper for smoking all those years.

* You are only motivated to get the mail when you know there’s vape mail waiting.

* You are sure that you can never have enough e-liquid flavours.

* Your non-vaping friends think your hobby is weird, but they tell everyone they know who smoke cigarettes how great vaping is.

* You know a wide range of vape tricks.

* Leaving your vape pen and/or e-liquids and/or a charger at home is absolutely the last thing you want to do so you keep spares with you wherever you go.

* You’ve spent more than £1,000 in vape pens.

* You’ve taken way too many vape selfies.

* A little part of your soul sings every time you see a new celeb using e-cigarettes or a vape in public. Are you a hardcore vaper? If so, then The Vape Shop was created for you. Shop our Sub Ohm e cigarette selection and become an even harder, hardcore vaper today!

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